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I had forgotten about the joys of dial-up internet. The kind of joy you experience by poking a hot needle through your eyeball…

  • It’s a solstice celebration for SpaceShipOne: June 21 set as launch date for attempt at first privately-funded manned space flight.
  • Meanwhile, NASA now optimistic about chances of success with robotic mission to save Hubble Space Telescope (HST).
  • Speaking of robots, those Martian rovers just keep roving.
  • The ‘nightmare scenario waiting to happen’ – chances of ‘dirty bomb’ attack rise significantly.
  • But who needs a dirty bomb when you can count on your own government to dose you up on plutonium?
  • Archaeologists search for lost Torah near Auschwitz.
  • Afghanistan’s fabled Bactrian Gold to tour the world.
  • The archives of the Royal Geographic Society to be opened to the public.
  • Major excavation to open Viking graves.
  • Following hot on the heels of the cicada plague, comes the massive stink as they all die and rot. Ewww.
  • Asperger’s Syndrome – not just a medical condition, but perhaps the creator of geniuses.
  • Retired chemistry professor to test Brisbane’s weeping statues. And Randi’s not one to miss an opportunity to get his name up in lights, as he offers his $1million prize if the church can prove the phenomenon is supernatural. Can someone offer a $1million prize to prove that James Randi’s prize is bona fide (see here and here)?
  • Star Dreams: A documentary about crop circles.
  • Man-made chemicals are affecting the development of children’s brains.
  • Forget cold fusion, here comes banana power.
  • Alaskan quake of 2002 unblocked geysers in Yellowstone Park.
  • Genetically-modifed virus explodes cancer cells. Is that like the opposite to a dirty bomb?
  • University unveils tool to check student essays for plagiarism from 4.5 billion webpages.
  • Cattle mutilation in Rio Cuarto – hoax or the real deal?
  • Book review of Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order, by Steven Strogatz (Amazon US).
  • Sir Paul McCartney reveals Beatles’ drug use. My lord, I had no idea…the 60s have lost their innocence for me now. Just think of the subversity – elevator music created by LSD-crazed junkies. Where’s the Christian Right when they’re needed?

Quote of the Day:

Without anomalies and their validation, later incorporation, and explanation, we would not have any progress in science. We have a fundamental problem in science of somehow trying to balance openness with conservatism, and imagination and creativity with criticism.

Marcello Truzzi