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Dreamland 05/06

This weekend on Whitley Strieber’s “Dreamland” radio show you can tune in to hear the story of mind-control victim Candy Jones. A supermodel in the seventies, Jones was apparently subjected to mind-control techniques by the CIA. Author Donald Bain, who was a close friend of Candy and her husband, will tell the story “of a woman driven to the edge of sanity by a mind control program that may still be going on”.

I should mention also that due to my move of house I neglected to mention last week’s Dreamland show, which featured the fascinating work on the after-death experience by author Peter Novak. Luckily, past Dreamland shows are available free of charge and registration hassles, so you can still check it out simply by clicking on the ‘Click Here to Listen Now’ link at the Dreamland webpage.

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