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C2C Schedule 14/06 – 17/06

For those that tune in to the “Coast to Coast AM” show, here’s the schedule for the first half of the week:

  • Monday, June 14: First Hour: Geologist Jim Berkland will present an earthquake update. Afterwards, Katherine Albrecht, the founder of Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (, will share an update on Radio Frequency Identification Products (RFID).
  • Tuesday, June 15: Jeffrey Mishlove, Director of the Intuition Network, will share his new research on afterlife communications. Additional Site: Thinking Allowed
  • Wednesday, June 16: Bioterrorism expert, Leonard Cole, ( will explain the science behind the Anthrax attack and discuss the search for the Anthrax killer(s).
  • Thursday, June 17: Investigative mythologist and author, William Henry just returned from a trip to Egypt and will share some Egyptian and Stargate discoveries.

All shows listed are hosted by George Noory, and are broadcast live from 10pm – 2am (Pacific Time).

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