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Rense Schedule 23/05 – 29/05

The latest schedule for the Jeff Rense radio show is available, here’s the line-up for the coming week:

  • Monday, May 24: Alex Jones – Report From Prison Planet

  • Tuesday, May 25: Frosty Wooldridge – Unopposed Illegal Invasion Rages, John W. Slagle – 30 Year Border Patrol Officer
  • Wednesday, May 26: Dr. Lorraine Day MD
    How to Stay Well
  • Thursday, May 27: Patricia Doyle PhD – Emerging Diseases, Jacques Jaikaran – Freedom And Sovereignty
  • Friday, May 28: Brad Steiger, World’s Foremost
    Paranormal Authority
  • Saturday, May 29: Best of Rense

As always, you can catch up on older shows in the archives.

  1. TDG is a zionist plot to divert our attention away from …
    I like this idea of posting upcoming shows for the ‘alternative’ radio stations, and admit I pay for Coast Streamlink, and Whitley’s Dreamland. Both of those offer decent diversions, although nothing really hard hitting.

    I would like Rense better if they laid off blaming the zionist for just about every woe and political action in the world. A good portion of the guests and opinion piece writers seem to think no one else has the where-with-all to pull off political and financial manipulations. They would have you believe most apparent Islamic fundamentalist attacks are zionist ‘false flag’ operations. That said, I do listen to the interviews with Charles R Smith, Jan Lamprecht, Barry Chamish, Jim Marrs, and a few others.

    As for this week’s guest, I recall that during the SARS crisis, Dr. Day was saying that SARS didn’t exist, that the crisis was created to create fear in us. Meanwhile, Dr. Doyle came down with, and almost died of SARS. So at least Rense allows divergent opinions.

    Ron D

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