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News Briefs 27-05-2004

Moving house at the moment, so it’s hit and run…

  • Want to put that new discovery about the size of the Universe into perspective? Here’s a good attempt, but it still boggles the brain. Not quite the Total Perspective Vortex, but who can afford to have that sense of perspective?
  • Vaguely related to the Hitchhikers Guide, Jodrell Bank to be hooked up with 5 other telescopes in the UK to create an array named Merlin.
  • Area 51 snoops dig up trouble.
  • A genetic deficiency has linked anxiety and alcholism, with deficient mice drinking 50% more alcohol than healthy counterparts. I just want to see the little wine glasses they use, must be tiny.
  • Volcanic eruption in Iceland may have killed upwards of 10,000 people in England in 1783.
  • Buddha’s new birthplace discovered?
  • Most dinosaurs fried within hours of asteroid impact says study. Mmmm, brontosaurus burger.
  • History repeating on a small scale – Rafah Zoo levelled by Israeli tanks.
  • Research finds that full Moon is not to blame for epilectic seizures.
  • Robert Ballard says the wreck of the Titanic is being destroyed by film crews, tourist operators and trophy hunters. How the heck do you get married on the bow of a ship more than 3 kilometres underwater?
  • Author of physics and occult books, and one-time sparring partner of Joe McCarthy, Al Shadowitz dies.
  • An audio report about Easter Island.
  • Israeli Antiquities Authority warns that the eastern wall of the Temple Mount is in “immediate danger of collapse.”
  • A follow-up and debate over the recent finding pushing back the date of human use of fire.
  • When a hippopotamus sweats, it’s taking good care of itself.
  • Ghost snapped at Welsh castle. Is it just me or does it just look like a shadow?
  • Scientists have found a way to make a blue rose. Lot of talk about holy grails in the news lately, feeding (seeding?) the meme…
  • The cultural and moral divides over the future use of biotech engineering. A worthy topic of discussion.
  • Leaked UK report says nuclear plants are vulnerable to a terrorist attack which could kill millions.
  • The Telepathic Cat: an excerpt from Ghost Stories of Pets and Animals.
  • While humans and chimps might be close on the genetic level, the chromosomes tell a different story.
  • Vampire bats kill 22 in Brazil. Van Helsing, get yourself out of that crappy movie and do something worthwhile with your time!
  • An Astrobiology chat with science author and physicist Lawrence Krauss.
  • Mini-microbes redefine the planetary requirements for life.

Quote of the Day:

We have only to believe. And the more threatening and irreducible reality appears, the more firmly and desperately we must believe. Then, little by little, we shall see the universal horror unbend, and then smile upon us, and then take us in its more than human arms.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

  1. cosmodus operandi

    What a numbers game, future hi indeed. But i do wonder how our cosmologists stretch themselves to assume that they have any idea about what’s going on. Universe radius 78 lightyears, age 14 or so years (i scrapped the times billion allready). Thats 5.5 times faster than the speed of light expansion for the past 14 billion years, HELLO ! Anybody awake up there ? Aren’t we missing some very BIG points here. Dark matter ? dark energy ? dark superspeed ? Dark, dark, dark what negative balony. Unknown, dunno is much more to the point, but these cosmologists have no shame. Astrologists could very well have more insight into the workings of the cosmos as far as it’s impact on the human soul and spirit.

    ps If what we see is moving so fast we could only register a vector component of it- red shift would allready occur at 180/5.5, 35 degrees would be our horizon (close to that sacred 33 btw), everything else we register is ancient light.

    ” Fear accomplishes nothing but destruction. Fear is the greatest enemy of all that exists on Planet Earth. Fear is bondage, fear is not freedom”

    1. I agree
      I agree, I think, yes….the numbers are too big for me, but balony rings true. How could we, so infintesimal(?) ever grasp that universal concept of our very own existence. Guess work? good or bad science?
      Not in my lifetime, or I think in anyone elses.
      My guess is we got to follow our own spirits or beliefs………better judgement and a bit of benevolence all round would be a good start.

      Good Times are gonna come

    2. Stretching Space
      Hi Tox,

      The trick is in the fact that the very fabric of space itself is ‘stretching’. If you imagine planets/galaxies as attached to an area of elastic, and then stretch the elastic, you’ll get the model. Thus, basically everything is getting further away from us, at a fast rate.

      Anyhow, my astronomy professor explained it better, but that was the general gist.

      Peace and Respect

      You monkeys only think you’re running things

      1. Hi Greg

        I’m sure your prof
        Hi Greg

        I’m sure your prof tried his best to convey the current belief, but it’s wrong (f.i. galaxies can merge) . If you accept the big bang concept where everything is more or less radiating outwards it’s self evident that over time matter density of space deminishes. The big problem is cosmologists haven’t got a clue where the tremendous amount of energy comes from, or even what kind of mechanism is at work that propels/accelerates our matter at speeds far higher than lightspeed. If the rest wasn’t moving aswell we would not see any light, we could never be hit by gamma rays. I know einstein lectured us on relatavistics concerning lightspeed, but i’m no big fan of him.

        There’s something metafysical i just aha’d, ages, lifetimes, indian myths. It is now the end of kali yuga where human lifespans have been reduced to max 100. Time/matter has speeded up we’re moving towards a threshold, thru the rapids. I’d like to think that soon we’ll be adrift in a sea of tranquility ! For all the stretching/expansion that is going on, something else must be compressing. I feel this something else is at a stage where further compression will change the whole relationship with us, our time/matter/space universe.

        ” Fear accomplishes nothing but destruction. Fear is the greatest enemy of all that exists on Planet Earth. Fear is bondage, fear is not freedom”

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