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Mind Mysteries

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Quantum Consciousness

The Quantum Consciousness website of researcher Stu Hameroff has had a redesign and now is much more user-friendly. On site you'll find information on Hameroff...
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Veridical OBEs?

I've archived the 'Terraforming Mars' poll - with over 500 votes the majority rule says 'yes' to re-greening the Red Planet. Apparently it didn't seem to matt...
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A Vision of Cities

I'm proud to offer another essay for your reading pleasure this weekend here on TDG. My latest scribblings are about some of the architecture and locales seen ...
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Staring Contest

In recent news, scientists in Germany have found positive results in experiments investigating a 'sense of being stared at'. These results give some credence (...
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Techgnosis Tripping

I was surprised and delighted to read in this week's edition of the LA Weekly an article on the entheogenic library The Vaults of Erowid. I've mentioned this m...