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Magick Circle

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Dial-in Horowitz

As mentioned in the radio updates below: our very good friend here at TDG, Mitch Horowitz (who is executive editor of Tarcher Penguin in the U.S.), will be maki...
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GLOR #14

Issue 14 of the underground e-zine known as the Grey Lodge Occult Review is now online , and includes audio, text and video from such interesting people as Aldo...
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Where’s Ya Ouija?

Halloween is but six weeks away, so here's an idea for the devil's night: prime yourself on the Ouija Board at the "Museum of Talking Boards" and then have a t...
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E-Lumen-ating Reading

As mentioned by Mitch Horowitz in his comments to my recent review of The Inner Light, you can read a few of the essays from the book (as well as an array of ot...
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The Inner West

Does walking into a book shop, looking for intelligent titles on esoteric subjects, give you the cold shivers? Scanning through the 'New Age' or 'Self-Help and ...
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The Secret Teachings

A strange synchronicity: I was recalling just the other night how my interest in esoterica was ignited as a child when I discovered Manly P. Hall's THE SECRET T...