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Fresh Science

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Sheldrake on Funding

Rupert Sheldrake's website has been updated with the addition of an interview from 2002 with Die Zeit. In this interview, Sheldrake discusses his proposal for a...
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Sheldrake and Nature

Author and 'maverick' scientist Rupert Sheldrake has written a letter to the journal Nature, on the subject of a recent editorial regarding the involvement of t...
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Teleportation Theories

For those interested in the cutting edge of science, or perhaps more correctly speculative science, here's a research paper that you might enjoy. Titled Telepo...
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Cosmic Election

For the sci-fi fans out there, check out the Red, White and Bluetopia competition that Alan Boyle is hosting on his always-interesting Cosmic Log. You can curr...
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Remembering Water

Last week, Jacques Benveniste, the man who gave the world the 'memory of water' (ie. the modern scientific claim of homeopathy), died in Paris. The publishing ...
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Intelligent Debate?

As mentioned in Jameske's news updates today, Wired Magazine is running a lengthy story regarding the conflict between proponents of 'Intelligent Design' and Da...