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UFOs: Earthquake Predictors?

During the Christmas period I was reading up on the research of Michael Persinger in a number of areas. Persinger is most well-known for allegedly inducting spiritual experiences by subjecting the brain to magnetic fields. However, another area of his research is into the possibility that many UFO sightings are caused by tectonic stress, and may be used to predict coming earthquakes.

As synchronicity has it, I mentioned in my pre-Xmas news briefs that there appeared to be a ‘UFO invasion’ of Australasia underway. Within the week, two major earthquakes took place across this part of the globe. I’ve noted this and discussed it further in my most recent blog here on TDG.

  1. Eartquakes UFO`s or something else
    Some excerpts concerning earthquakes and light phenomena etc. Wilcock´s aetheric earthquake model is amazing.

    “Luminescences associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. According to Dmitriev et al., almost all earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are accompanied by the sighting of luminous formations. They may be seen before, after or during the events themselves, and therefore are very closely timed with the events.”

    “Based on all of the above evidence, we can clearly see that there is a remarkable parallel between the aetheric model of the atom as a spherical torus and large-scale plasma formations such as the Earth’s core. As Pasichnyk and many others have documented, increases in Solar activity are strongly correlated with increases in the amount and intensity of earthquakes on the Earth. Once these earthquakes occur, anomalous plasma formations are often observed as well. Further support to this concept is seen in the phenomenon of “radar angels”, where radar operators would frequently pick up false signals over geophysically-active areas of the Earth. Most radars are now equipped to screen out these signals, which appear to be caused by mostly invisible plasma spheres that are continually ejecting from the Earth in seismically-active regions.”

    “Abstract: Laboratories monitoring earthquake tremors, as well as radio enthusiasts within a few hundred miles of regions prone to earthquakes, may find a radio technique backs up ether theory.”

    Best regards

    Usko Uusipaikka
    Finland, Vaasa

    1. convergence
      Hi Umu,

      Glad to see others picking up on wilcocks convergence stuff, its much more technical than one would expect when dropping in at the ascension site- i mailed him about it 18 months ago but he replied he didnt have the time to upgrade from what currently still looks like an 98 new age site- that said , its well worth the ink and time to print out his convergence series and read it at your leasure, with google at hand its easy enough to get ‘support’. Meanwhile he’s teamed up with mr.hoagland further exploring and expanding hyperdimensional physics.

      I do agree that the scenario you mention is probably the right one, but hey we’re only human, so who knows crafty time travellers might have dropped in to collect ‘victims’ without disturbing any timelines, remember the universe, reality remains a mystery to homo sapiens.

      ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

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