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Mothman 40 Years On

With yesterday being accepted 40th anniversary of the Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant, Loren Coleman has written up an excellent piece on the details of the...
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Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo blog has a number of posts regarding the "Sonoma Bigfoot video" and how it appears to be a hoax instigated by skeptical entertainers...
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Manitoba Bigfoot

After garnering worldwide headlines for the past fortnight, the 'Manitoba Bigfoot' was unveiled on U.S. television to...raised eyebrows. After being titled the ...
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Crypto Top 10

Respected cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has posted his annual 'Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories' of the year to his website. As would be expected, the Flores 'hobbi...
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Yowie Yippee

A number of TDG readers have been following the legal dispute between Australian cryptozoology researcher Tim "The Yowie Man" Bull, and confectionery maker Cadb...