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Hobbit Poll

I’ve retired the Sphinx poll, which was easily our most popular survey with over 1000 responses given to the question of when the Sphinx was most likely constructed. The result was equally surprising, with only 5% of respondents agreeing with the orthodox dating (2400 – 2600 BCE). On the other hand, a massive 74% plumbed for a pre-7000 BCE dating! As with all polls retired from the front page, the Sphinx survey remains open for voting and comments – all older polls can be found here.

The new poll is based on the recent news concerning the discovery of ‘the hobbit’ – a new member to the hominid family tree, and one which has even orthodox scientists raising the question of whether there are undiscovered hominid species out there, still living in the forests. We’re asking your opinion as to whether the new discovery has any bearing on the question of whether Bigfoot, Yetis and Yowies (and other cryptozoological favourites) are out there, alive today.