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Yukon Sasquatch

Yahoo News is reporting a Bigfoot sighting in the Yukon which is attracting a lot of attention. The sighting was made by two lifelong residents of the area, Marion Sheldon and Gus Jules, who are also council members. Both are quite sure of what they saw, as they…

…passed what resembled a person standing on the side of the highway. Thinking it was a person from their small community who might be in need of a ride, they turned around.

As the two lifelong Teslin residents and members of the Teslin Tlingit Council approached to within 20 feet, they noticed the figure was covered in hair, but standing upright the entire time…Jules described the figure as standing about 7 feet tall, but hunched over. They could see it was not a person.

The sighting apparently shook them up quite a bit. No follow-up evidence has yet been uncovered.

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