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The Powers of Ancient and Sacred Places

Those who have visited ancient and sacred monuments often remark that the location carried a certain ‘weight’, a numinous, magical atmosphere that sometimes has certain psychological and/or physical effects on those present. Could such effects be explained by forces such as magnetism, sound, radioactivity, or through some other mechanism?

That was the question posed by a group that has worked under the name ‘The Dragon Project’ since the late 1970s, and since that time they have spent time testing various hypotheses at a number of significant ancient sites.

One of our favourite researchers and authors on ‘hidden history’, altered states of consciousness, and earth energies, Paul Devereux – a founding member of The Dragon Project – has now written about the history of these investigations, and the reports, folklore and science that inspired and guided them, in a new book from Daily Grail Publishing just released: The Powers of Ancient and Sacred Places. You can grab a copy from Amazon US, Amazon UK, or any other of your favourite online booksellers.

Here’s the blurb:

The Powers of Ancient and Sacred Places provides an informed, wide-ranging survey of a variety of intriguing properties of ancient sites, ranging from the material to the subtle. These enigmatic monuments are where we come face to face with our human story through time, and where we can also sometimes even catch the whispers of our planet itself – the places of power that gave us our first sense of the holy.

Archaeologist George Nash was enthusiastic in his praise for the book:

The Powers of Ancient and Sacred Places is a beautifully illustrated new book by seasoned archaeological writer and thinker, Paul Devereux. This well-crafted book is organised into seven thought-provoking chapters that each explore natural and anomalous phenomena, some of which have become embedded into myth and folklore of ritual sites in various parts of the world. The book provides the reader with fascinating accounts of how the ‘powers’ of place are constructed, manipulated and organised, and how they can sometimes interact with the human mind and senses. Devereux does not hide the fact that certain of these phenomena currently exist outside the norms of conventional archaeological and scientific thinking. That is the challenge this book presents.

The cover design is by our very own Red Pill Junkie, aka Miguel Romero of Absurd by Design, using an image of the northern lights over the Callanish standing stones, taken by the wonderful Callanish Digital Design.

I’m sure this book will be of great interest to many readers of the Grail – if so, grab yourself a copy of The Powers of Ancient and Sacred Places from Amazon US, Amazon UK, or whichever other online bookseller you prefer to use!

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