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Passport to Magonia alien with masks

Christmas Grail Competition: Win a signed copy of Jacques Vallee’s ‘Passport to Magonia’

With the holidays incoming, we’re getting in the spirit of the giving season by offering an awesome prize for Grailers: a paperback copy of Jacques Vallee’s seminal book Passport to Magonia: From folklore to flying saucers, SIGNED BY JACQUES HIMSELF!

And just to increase the odds in your favour, we’re putting up not one, but two signed copies as prizes – so we’ll have two winners, doubling your chance to be the lucky recipient.

Passport to Magonia

To enter the competition you just need to:

  • be subscribed to our weekly newsletter at the time of drawing (in which we send out our picks of the top occult/Fortean/weird science news stories of the week, and any other important Daily Grail news – NOTE: your email address is kept completely private and not used for any other purpose)
  • and/or, be a supporter of the Grail on Patreon* (for as little as $1/month, which even gets you a free eBook on sign-up as well).

Newsletter subscription is worth 1 entry, Patreon support is worth 2 entries – or, you can do both if you like for a total of 3 entries!

We will draw the winner on Christmas Eve (2021), so make sure you get yourself in the prize draw as soon as possible – follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for updates on the competition and for the results of the draw.

(Remember too, for those thirsting after a rare Vallee collectible, that you can take luck out of the picture entirely by grabbing one of our limited edition, 50th anniversary hardcovers of Passport to Magonia that are also signed by Jacques!)

Good luck to all those who take part, and to all readers of the Grail – regardless of whether you’re in the draw or not – we wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays and a prosperous 2022!

* The Daily Grail has been an independent, non-corporate website covering these topics for more than 20 years – we rely on reader support to continue doing so, and very much appreciate your assistance!

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