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UFOlogy Tarot

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Are you a UFO nerd but are also passionate about esoteric stuff? Then boy do I have something to show you! A group of friends and I have been putting together what we think is a truly novel way to stimulate both the left and right of the mind when interacting with the UFO topic, and the history of the people who devoted their lives to studying this most confounding of mysteries.

Presenting to you… The UFOlogy Tarot.

The UFOlogy Tarot is a close collaboration between a group of scholars –versed not only in the rich history of UFOlogy but also Western esotericism– and yours truly (the artist). The brainchild of Greg Bishop (author of Project Beta, It Defies Language! and co-author of A’ is for Adamski), we are seeking not just to create a beautiful work of art that could be cherished by anyone with a cursory interest in UFOs (regardless of their personal beliefs or disbelief in the subject!); what we’re doing is painstakingly filling the artwork of each card with encoded symbology that is directly linked to personages in UFOlogy we have chosen as our Tarot archetypes. Everything –and I do mean everything— has a story to tell.

“As more people become aware of what seems to be the fluidic, combinatorial, and yet diverse nature of phenomena which could be considered “high-strangeness” it’s remarkable that a project like this has taken so long to manifest. The blending of UFOlogical history and occult symbology into a “magical” system, such as The Tarot, seems not only long-overdue but, I believe, fulfills a necessary need to expand and diversify the ideas of those willing to play in a universe of weirdness.”

~John L. Tenney, Lecturer and Author.

“Two of my deepest obsessions—UFOs and Tarot—blended together with extraordinary insight and brought to life by the fantastic artistry of Red Pill Junkie. I need one to read with and another to keep on display!”

~Michael M. Hughes, Author and Tarot Instructor.

“For those who dig deeper into the UFO phenomenon, it’s connection to mysticism is undeniable. The UFOlogy Tarot finally brings the rich symbolism of the saucer into the world of divination, paying tribute to UFOs and the people who defined their place in our world. I can’t wait to shuffle a deck and see what the legends of ufology past have to say about the UAPs of tomorrow.”

~Greg Newkirk, Paranormal Researcher, Occult Adventurer

“Themed tarot decks are too often a cheap gimmick with no practical divinatory value, but with a creative team touting a lifetime of work in ufology and a respect for the esoteric nature of the UFO, the UFOlogy Tarot is one deck I’m looking forward to using when engaging with the phenomenon. “

~Dana Newkirk, Hedgewitch , Forest Hag.

“The inventor of this deck of cards has managed to turn the unsolved enigmas of UFOlogy into a functional tool for personal insight: the cards close a virtual loop of interaction with the mystery that science, so far, fails to offer us.”

~Dr. Jacques Vallée, Computer Scientist, Astronomer, UFO Researcher

“This beautiful Tarot deck has the potential to be a true catalyst for transformation and understanding.”

~Whitley Strieber, Best-selling Author, Experiencer.

Our Kickstarter campaign had a PHENOMENAL start last weekend, but we still need a lot of support in order to make this love offering to the world of UFOlogy a reality. Please check out the campaign page and support us at any tier you feel comfortable with. We have tried to come up with all sorts of different rewards and perks for the backers, and as the campaign progresses we may include others we hadn’t thought of originally.

We also firmly intend to post regular updates of our progress and stay connected with our supporters, who we want to remain as excited about the project as we are, until it is finally completed*.

(*): The Kickstarter campaign’s goal is to create the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Please bear in mind we consider this to be PHASE ONE of our project, and as soon as we manage to complete it we will make arrangements to commence PHASE TWO — creation of the remainder Minor Arcana cards.

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