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O Space Brother, Where Art Thou? ‘”A” is for Adamski’ Available on Amazon

The Contactees cometh! After many months of waiting, toiling and tweaking, I’m very happy to announce that “A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of UFO Contactees –co-written by Adam Gorightly and Greg Bishop, book cover designed by yours truly– is finally available for ordering online at Amazon.

“A” is for Adamski is your ultimate resource guide to the early UFO contactees and their encounters with such interplanetary ambassadors as Orthon, Ashtar, and Captain Aura Rhanes. Starting alphabetically with George Adamski, and ending with George Hunt Williamson, “A” is for Adamski features not only the more well known UFO contactees, but also some of the lesser known, though equally fascinating figures, whose earthly paths intersected with blonde Venusian bombshells, and those mysterious men from Mars. Includes hundreds of photos, some seen for the very first time!

The currently available version is the black-and-white one. Adam and Greg also prepared a full-color version (coming very soon) which will no doubt become a coveted possession for collectors. In the meantime, be sure to add “A” is for Adamski to your Christmas list!

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