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Books from Daily Grail Publishing

Grab some holiday season reading from Daily Grail Publishing!

Looking for an interesting book on topics at the fringes of science and history to give – or read yourself – over the holiday season in a couple of months? Why not grab one of our books now, before the rush!

Not only are they chock-full of Graily goodness, in which you’ll find brilliant writing from the likes of Jacques Vallee, Paul Devereux and Mike Jay, but each sale helps keep this site running, as well as supporting the various authors and researchers associated with each book.

We have books on topics ranging from shamanism to UFOs, lucid dreaming and the afterlife.

For a special gift, be sure to grab a copy of our limited edition, 50th anniversary hardcover of perhaps the most famous book in the UFO field, Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers, signed by Jacques Vallee himself!

If you’ve already got yourself a copy, we’ve got plenty more books to choose from:

Daily Grail Books

Thanks to all the Grailers out there for your ongoing help, support and patronage – we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading these books!

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