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Aleister Crowley

Crowleymas Competition: Win a copy of ‘The Wickedest Books in the World’

It’s October 12th, which means it’s ‘Crowleymas’: the infamous occultist Aleister ‘The Great Beast’ Crowley was born on this day in 1875, and many in the esoteric scene celebrate the day as an unofficial holiday.

To get in the spirit – and offer a reward to our wonderful readers and supporters – we’re going to do a giveaway of one of the best books you’ll find on the various magical publications issued by (and about) Crowley: Blair MacKenzie Blake’s wonderful The Wickedest Books in the World: Confessions of an Aleister Crowley bibliophile.

The book provides a detailed and fascinating history of both Crowley’s book publishing history and the author’s own adventures (along with his friend Danny Carey, drummer extraordinaire for the mighty Tool) in securing rare copies of the Great Beast’s esoteric writings. The insightful (and sometimes humorous) text is complemented by sumptuous photos of the occult jewels that Blair and Danny were able to uncover during their numerous bookshop journeys and negotiations with private dealers.

Not only will the winner get this very collectable, unread copy of the 2nd impression of the book (large format soft cover) with Foreword by Danny Carey himself – long out of print – but the book is also signed by the author Blair MacKenzie Blake and includes an insert signed by Danny Carey as well.

To enter the competition you just need to:

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Newsletter subscription is worth 1 entry, Patreon support is worth 2 entries, and you can do both if you like for a total of 3 entries!

We will draw the winner on Halloween, so make sure you get yourself in the draw as soon as possible – follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for updates on the competition and the prize draw. Happy Crowleymas, and good luck!

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