News Briefs 23-11-2020


Quote of the Day:

We have been trained to believe “there is enough for me, or enough for you, but not enough for both of us.” That conditioning is so powerful that we automatically think in terms of me or you, not both, so we don’t notice that the whole species is now capable of success.

Buckminster Fuller

  1. Elon Musk’s city on Mars – Werner Herzog says its a mistake….

    As a fan of Spacex, the Falcon rockets and of course Starship, all I can say is that Werner sounds a little bit peeved that Elon is not German!

    Whatever you feel about Elon Musk, no one can deny that he has put the proverbial ‘rocket up the backside’ of the space industry: innovative, forward thinking, getting the job done, admitting mistakes, thinking outside of the box, and of course, providing the best coverage ever of his launches. And then he is also a fan of Sci-Fi author Iain M Banks who provides the inspiration for the unusual Spacex names for equipment – I smile when I hear NASA referring to the landing platform ‘Of course I still love you’. (beats for ancient Egyptian names used by NASA)

    It may well be that Life on Mars will not be as easy to achieve as Spacex hopes, but at least he/Spacex is trying, unlike Blue Origin which although in existence longer than Spacex, and with much greater funding, has still yet to achieve orbit.

    This is the difference between the respective CEOs, so all I can say is Go Elon, GO!


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