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Colin Wilson

Dreaming to Some Purpose: A Documentary on the Life and Times of Colin Wilson

Fans of the late Colin Wilson, acclaimed author and explorer of alternative theories of consciousness and history, will be thrilled to learn that there is currently a crowd-funding campaign to produce a documentary about the ‘outsider’ writer’s fascinating life journey. Our good friend Gary Lachman, who wrote a biography on Wilson (Beyond The Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson), sends word about the effort:

A much needed documentary about the life and work of Colin Wilson, one of the major explorers of consciousness in recent times, is in need of help. With two weeks left on our fund drive, we are only at a quarter of the finances needed for the project. Various gifts and rewards are on offer for major donors, such as manuscripts and personal items of Wilson’s. Philip Pullman is on board to participate, as are other readers and devotees of Wilson’s enormous body of work. If you profited from reading The OutsiderThe OccultMysteriesThe Mind Parasites or any other of Wilson’s thought provoking books, please help make this much needed documentary possible.

Here’s a short video introduction to Colin Wilson, and the planned documentary:

To learn more about the project, the rewards available for supporters, and how to contribute, head to the Indiegogo page.

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