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Is Trump Finally Giving a Damn About UFOs?

“I just wonder if it’s real. That’s a hell of a video.”

That was president Trump’s comment in relation to the UFO videos recently ‘released’ (or rather, recently authenticated) by the Pentagon. As it’s often the case with the 45th POTUS, it’s hard to understand what he’s actually trying to say –speaking is not his particular forte, after all. Why is he talking in singular, when there are three videos which were part of the Department of Defense’s official statement? Which of those three (FLIR1, Gimbal and GoFast) is the one who impressed him so much? (or does he mistook the three for a single video? Hey, you never know with the Donald!) Is he wondering out loud if the videos themselves are real –maybe he doesn’t trust the DoD. Again, it wouldn’t be the first time— or the objects depicted in the videos? 

But perhaps the most pressing question in my mind right now: why is he showing such apparent amazement now with these old Navy videos, when one would assume that same material was part of the official briefing he had in relation with the encounters between military pilots and unknown aerial objects back in June of 2019, when he told George Papadoupolous he “didn’t particularly believe” in UFOs?

Did he forget about it? Is he changing his stance on the subject (again, wouldn’t be the first time) or wasn’t he shown the videos until now that they have been fully endorsed by the Pentagon? (As was noted on my last article on the subject, one of the videos the DoD uploaded to their webpage has a 2007 Google copyright, meaning they were directly taken from Youtube).

And if he’s so impressed with those three vids, why doesn’t he demand to be shown better material evidence –you know, the things Senator Reid keeps alluding to in his Tweets—  so he can stop wondering once and for all whether ‘it’ is real or not?

As an outside observer of American politics and a student of UFOlogy, I just find it fascinating that these developments –which are in many regards like a dream come true for UFO Disclosure advocates– happen in a time when the maximum authority of the most powerful nation in the world, has also the lowest credibility rating in all of history. Trump could literally give a press conference tomorrow at the White House, saying aliens are real and he’s even talking to one of them, but who outside his loyal political base would believe him? Why do UFO buffs insist on seeking an endorsement to their beliefs, from the same social institutions that are crumbling before our eyes during the greatest moment in social instability of the modern era? 

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