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News Briefs 20-08-2019

Inside or outside?

Quote of the Day:

All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landings there.

‘2010: Odyssey Two’, by Arthur C. Clarke

  1. I still wish everyone would at least read The Urantia Book (especially folks into The Bible)
    It’s never called The Book of Urantia. The Jesus portion alone is worth it. I would not call it rambling or a hodgepodege. It is coherent and consistent. There’s plenty of disclaimers where the higher-ups are saying “we’re giving you what you can handle and its fairly conservative becasue its gotta last 1000 years.” Yes, Dr. Sadler was a skeptic and debunker but he became convinced after reading a passage which he felt could not have been written but a normal human. Lotsa versions on-line and a few forums but I avoid these as they never wanna compare-and-contrast with other channeled stuff like The Seth Books or A Course In Miracles.

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