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News Briefs 31-07-2019

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Quote of the Day:

To resist change is like holding your breath: if you persist you kill yourself.

Alan Watts

  1. Greg why are you posting these meanwhile insane ideas of the cosmologists, deadly dark matter belongs to the Avengers universe, i’m sure these superclowns will safe the world from it.

    Greg, these past decades you’ve shown to be able to think outside the box, but why the hell are you so taken in by these crazy cosmologists and their astrophysicist support, these guys make it up as they go along, every time they are confronted with something that doesn’t compute with their theories, but hey we’re so supersmart we’ll create anything to keep our gravity theories going, it’s a total disgrace, if there were any aliens around they must be laughing their heads off, silly earthlings.

    A normal person can understand the electric universe theory and everything that is registered in it. Time and again they beat cosmologists in predictions whilst the cosmologists scratch their heads, unable to free themselves of the hold gravity has on them.

    Spent some time on the EU theory Greg, there’s some great you tube vids that well open your eyes on the universe.

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