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Netflix series Dark

Dark Season 2: The Apocalypse Must Happen

Forget Avengers: Endgame, and the final series of that TV show with dragons and thrones…this is what we’ve all really been waiting for: season two of Netflix’s brilliant German-language sci-fi/occult series Dark is less than two months away from hitting our screens!

Last night Netflix dropped a teaser trailer with the release date (see below), while also doing a bit of atmosphere-setting for the next instalment of the story…and all I can say is ‘hells yes!’.

Interestingly – and likely intentionally, given the show revolves around the topic of time (and as I’ve written previously, seems to have a fairly solid foundation in esoteric/occult topics as well) – the release date is June 21 (the solstice) in 2019 (one of the key years in the storyline).

And those who have watched the first season will also appreciate the date the trailer was dropped: April 26th was the 33rd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

I’ll be counting the seconds until release date….tick, tock.

Interesting and possibly relevant observation: most of the scenes in the teaser that are taken from series 1 are playing backwards.

Given the intriguing and complex storyline in season 1, I’d suggest a full rewatch of it before June 21 rolls around…

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