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Head-dress created by Candice Angelini

Art From Previous Lives: The Masks of Candice Angelini

Artist Candice Angelini was working as a nurse when she abruptly felt she should quit to pursue a life of art. With no training, she started creating masks, dolls and shamanic-style head-dresses that immediately began garnering her attention (one of her head dresses would even be worn by pop star Rhianna).

To try and understand where her artistic inspiration was arising from, Angelini visited a medium, through whom she says she learned that they were echoes of previously lived lives, and that her urge to ‘create’ was a ‘channeling’ designed to release the old energy of her past lives.

Our good friend, film-maker Ronni Thomas – who has produced a number of wonderful videos exploring weird and occult topics (see “Conduits to the Afterlife“, and “Transmitting Thought: The Maimonides Dream Lab“) – visited Angelini and shot the short film below about her work. “It really is a strange story, and stranger was the intense attraction I had to her work,” he told me. “I’m not one to claim to understand ‘art’…but her work really spoke to me.”

In Ronni’s video, “Past Life: The Artwork of Candice Angelini”, she explains her process “and how memories and past lives are channeled through her truly uncanny work”.

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