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Our Transhuman Future: Jason Silva Discusses Technology, Wonder, and the Singularity

“We build the tools, and then the tools build us.” In a recent presentation at The Next Web conference in New York, Jason Silva quotes the brilliant Marshall McLuhan to introduce the idea that we are racing into a future in which we will become ‘transhuman’:

The pace of transformative change is accelerating. Disruption has become the new normal. Exponential technologies have become the defining engines upending the world. Biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence could potentiate a ‘Cambrian Explosion of Mind’ that some refer to as a Singularity. Should we be afraid? Enthralled? What are the philosophical implications of such change? How might humanity be transformed? Jason Silva, the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic’s BrainGames TV series, creator of Shots of Awe, and international keynote speaker offers an awe-inspiring vision of what’s to come.

For more on Jason’s thinking, be sure to check out our two part interview with him right here on the Grail:

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