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Egyptian papyrus showing Anubis and the weighing of the heart ceremony

Dog’s Final Judgement: Weird Google Translate Glitch Delivers an Apocalyptic Message

When it comes to the scenes of Biblical end times and final judgements, there are plenty of mention of angels, seven-headed beasts, lambs and horses – but not really anything about dogs.* But if you turn to the modern-world’s bible, Google, you’ll find a very weird link between dogs and the apocalypse.

By going to Google Translate, asking it to translate Hawaiian into English, and typing in the word ‘dog’ 18 times over (actually, anywhere from 18 to 22 times), you’ll find that Google suggests a rather startling phrase in English (update: looks like Google have now removed it. But you can still access it if you translate from ‘Yoruba’ rather than ‘Hawaiian’):

Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus’ return

Google Translate glitch translating dog into End Times messageHow did this weird translate glitch get there? Sneaky Easter Egg in the code from a Google programmer, or someone ‘hacking’ Google’s translation algorithm to make it pick up the phrase mistakenly from a website? Or is God just struggling to find ways to reveal his prophetic messages in the modern world?

* To be fair, if we look back further than Christian scripture, one of the oldest civilizations that have left records behind, the ancient Egyptians, had a dog-headed god (Anubis) who weighed the heart as a final judgement at death.

And perhaps the signs have been here all along, for those with eyes to see…

Holy Jesus in a dog butt

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