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Warren Ellis (photo by Ellen J Rogers)
Warren Ellis (photo by Ellen J Rogers)

Captured Ghosts: The Life and Work of Warren Ellis

There are a number of comics writers over the past few decades who have become both respected mainstream writers, as well as icons of underground culture and thinking. Alan Moore being the most obvious, but another who has had significant impact through his comics and sci-fi writing is Warren Ellis.

I was lucky enough to be involved in a project with Warren, and Alan Moore, recently, as both contributed essays to our anthology Spirits of Place (Warren’s essay is available to read as a free excerpt at the website). But previous to that I’d had a lot less exposure to his work than many of my friends and co-writers, who certainly hold him in the highest regard and have regularly recommended that I dig into his impressive body of writings.

So I was pleased to come across Captured Ghosts recently, a documentary on Warren (embedded below) that features in-depth chats with both the man himself, and many of his friends and other artists/writers influenced by his work:

Warren Ellis sees the future. He is a comic book writer and cyberpunk philosopher living on the edge of tomorrow. He speaks to a cult audience of artists, journalists, scientists and fans who hail him as INTERNET JESUS. Discover Warren’s story in this feature length documentary featuring interviews with Warren himself, as well as Helen Mirren, Joss Whedon, Patton Oswalt, Stoya, Claudio Sanchez, Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson and many more. Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts is produced by Sequart and Respect Films. Please support our other projects, and learn more at and


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