News Briefs 02-05-2018

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Quote of the Day:

We are the major agency through which good and evil qualities of the spirit become actors in our world. Without us there is very little of love, mercy, or compassion. Yet we can also be agents of hate, and cruelty and cold indifference. Only we can consciously work to improve this imperfect world. It is not enough for us to merely drift with the current.

The Georgia Guidestones Handbook

  1. Bezos and Blue Origin: If you’re a longtime Seattle resident and don’t owe either your job or your business revenue to Amazon (and if you’re not afraid of being openly honest about him as most Seattlites are), you’ll acknowledge Bezos is a cheap asshole of major proportions who’s contributed almost nothing to the local community he’s exploited for years.

    Yeah, he put a shelter in the new Amazon headquarters, but it’s to keep the homeless from sleeping in the plaza and spoiling its aesthetics. Given the size of Seattle’s homeless population and the urgency of its homeless crisis (created by Amazon’s impact on the metropolitan area), the money he’s spending on a pitiful handful of shelter beds at Amazon’s new Seattle HQ is chump change.

    Bezos is no hero by any definition. In fact, put him up against the 19th century robber barons of US industry and he still looks pretty bad. At least many of them founded institutions of higher education (several prestigious US universities) and created charitable foundations that continue even today to fund a wide variety of charitable causes as well as cutting edge social and medical research.

    What has Bezos done? Launched a rocket so he can compete in the private sector space race in order to make more moneu. I’m cheering for all the other guys to shut him and his company out of the competition.

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