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News Briefs 23-01-2018

Aliens invading the news today…

Thanks to @AnomalistNews.

Quote of the Day:

Masters of profits and propaganda are farming our minds, doing cumulative damage that may go to the very core of our humanity.

The Great Attention Heist

  1. Naturopathy: I’ve been using myself as a guinea pig for decades now. I’m pretty sure that serrapeptase has cleaned out my arteries and kept them clean much better and safer than statins. My cholesterol levels have remained sky high (around 300) but ultrasound of my carotids and echocardiogram of chest indicates no blockage. Still, the doctor says I need meds! I think it’s more of a CYA mentality for the doctor. As long as you’re on something they can say they’re doing their job. Everybody has some kind of medical “achilles heel.” But if a pharmaceutical can’t heal you within two weeks, you might want to look for a long-term alternative. Just saying.

    1. Jesus dude, that’s high. My mom had to take cholesterol drugs for a while, but it lowered her cholesterol and now she no longer has to take them. Your doctor might be looking after you. It took my mom a few years to get her cholesterol under control. Since we are a family of serious heart conditions we didn’t take it lightly. If your cholesterol is still high, then it sounds like your path isn’t working either. High cholesterol doesn’t mean you have a blockage, it means you are AT RISK for one.

      Nothing is a quick fix. Sometimes you need medication…it’s okay. I know a lot of people on here don’t like “Big Pharma” – I don’t either. I worked in a pharmacy and half of my family worked in hospitals as nurses and physicians. There is a ton of things we don’t trust. But in your case, you may actually want to start the cholesterol meds. Don’t let anything get in the way of your health. Take care friend.

    2. And also, you don’t want to have a heart attack. If you live they stick you on Coumadin (generic is Warfarin) for the rest of your life, a blood thinner, aka rat poison.

      1. Thanks, obviously it has been a concern, which is why I’ve been treating it with the serrapeptase for at least ten years. My mom has super-elevated cholesterol as well and I probably inherited that from her. She’s tried everything with little improvement. She’s also 84 and doing fairly well. So, high cholesterol probably has its benefits, as long as you’re not forming plaques. Anyway, I’ll be taking the ultrasound and stress tests on a regular basis from here on out.

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