Duncan Jones' "Mute"

Enter the World of ‘Mute’, the New Sci-Fi Movie from ‘Moon’ Director Duncan Jones

We mentioned last month some of the incredible weird sci-fi that Netflix is currently producing (reminder: Altered Carbon begins in a few days time). We can now add to that list the latest feature from director Duncan Jones – who has previously directed  Moon and Source Code – titled Mute.

Set in Berlin in the near future, this thriller revolves around mute bartender Leo (Alexander Skarsgård). When his girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh) goes missing, he dives deep into the city’s seedy underbelly to find her.

Given Philip K. Dick is a major influence on Jones, we can be hopeful that there’s some good mind-f**kery involved in the plot – and it has to be said, the just-released-trailer (below) certainly has a Blade Runner-ish vibe to it.

Mute will be available on Netflix from February 23.