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Giant Pacific Octopus

Earth is an Alien Planet: Diver Gets Engulfed by Inquisitive Octopus

What would an alien encounter with astronauts look like? Perhaps something similar to this meeting between a scuba diver and an octopus, in which the cephalopod emerges from his camouflage to first touch, and then engulf the head of the diver.

Recorded by diver Dennis Chow just north of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the footage shows his fellow divers ‘Shaz’ and ‘Wes’ as they come across a Giant Pacific Octopus  – which can grow to a 16 foot span and weigh upwards of 50kg (110 pounds) – hiding among rocks and plant life:

These divers are extremely experienced scuba instructors and dive shop owners. At no time was this animal at harm, nor was it not at the top of their list of priorities of maintaining its safety and well being. Once Shaz began coaxing this creature out for a better look at his impressive size, you notice he too starts to check out Shaz by extending out a few legs to test what was near. Once he started to fully engage with Shaz, Wes was definitely near to ensure her safety at all times.

Octopus will engulf its prey as this one did with Shaz, and then if its regular food, inject crustaceans like crabs with a paralyzing saliva then dismember them with their beaks. This guy definitely had Shaz in his grip, until Wes decided it was time to help release him and go back to his normal habitat. Incredible!

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