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Daily Grail 2018 Support Drive

The Daily Grail is now in its 20th year of existence as an independent website, publishing daily news and essays on topics at the fringes of science and history. We have somehow survived through multiple ‘eras’ of the internet, but every year has been a struggle, given that we don’t make money in the underhanded ways many other popular websites do – namely, by abusing the trust of their readers.

Rather, we largely rely on voluntary contributions from readers who enjoy and trust the service we provide. And now, with our new website design finally in place, we’re looking to push that service to the next level, by adding more writers and functionality so that we can bring you even more fascinating, regular content.

So as 2017 winds up, we’re putting out a call to readers to help push us to that next level in 2018. And to make things even more attractive for you, we’re going to give away a boat-load of prizes as thanks!

The first major prize, to be drawn on January 17th, 2018, is a Tool poster signed by all the members of the band. Additional ‘consolation’ prizes will be limited edition copies of our anthology series Darklore, and Jacques Vallee’s seminal book on ufology and fairy folklore, Passport to Magonia.

Totally awesome collection of thingsThis will be just the start of many giveaways throughout 2018, so stay tuned for news on other cool prizes!

So how do you get in on this action? Simple: just help us out a little! The best way to support the Daily Grail is by becoming a ‘patron’ of the site through Patreon, which you can do from as little as $1/month (sounds like a pretty good deal for the content we produce, don’t you think?). Backing us through Patreon lets us know we have ongoing, regular support into the future, as long as we keep producing quality content that tickles your brain. And it’s the best way to continue being in the draw for ongoing prize giveaways:

You can become a Patron of the Daily Grail by clicking through this link:

Become a Patron!

Signing up to Patreon will give you 1 ‘token’ in the January 17th prize drawΒ  per dollar of support (already existing Patrons will be given extra tokens based on their previous support) – as well as other perks, such as a complimentary ebook.

However, we of course also appreciate any one-off donations to the site. If you’d like to chip in using your PayPal account or credit card, you can do so using the button below (you don’t need a PayPal account). Increasing levels of support will give you more tokens in the January 17 prize giveaway. Note though: using this method you are only entered into that draw – to be eligible for further prize giveaways, you should sign up as a Patron.

You can donate to the Daily Grail through PayPal (using your credit card, or PayPal account if you have one), below:

Choose Your Support

If you simply don’t have funds available for any financial support, but would love to be in the draw, please feel free to contact me to discuss other possible ways you could help the Daily Grail out.

We appreciate all your support, in any way you can give – we are an independent website that serves our readers, and with your backing we will continue to do so in bigger and better ways.

  1. I’m in the process of starting my online business and it’s the holidays. I have no extra cash to spare right now, but I will in the future. Sorry, I really wish I could. My PayPal is in limbo until I get this sorted. Happy Holidays from the Eastern US Greg, RPJ, Kat, G.C., and all other Grailers. To another year *sips champagne, then passes out on your couch*

  2. Hiya Greg, I attempted to be a Patron but I received an error when I tried to sign up via email after completing the reqs form and proving I was human:D
    “An unrecoverable internal server error has occurred.”
    I would like to go the patron route rather than the one time 12 months every year routine, I am assuming the patron would have the monies automatically paid from my account each year? (I could find no apparent documentation regarding this on their site) which would be more convenient for me also.
    So… any suggestions? Try again later maybe?
    EDIT: Tried again while writing all the above and it worked! πŸ™‚ splendid! and auto-pay too!
    I thought I would leave the above in case anyone else had the same prob ;0
    And Thank you so much for the book, it should prove interesting bed time reading πŸ˜€

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