Person to person telepathy

Psi Researcher Marilyn Schlitz Eloquently Explains Her Research into ESP

A large portion of the general public believe in psi effects (such as telepathy and precognition) due to to first-hand, real-world experiences, but only a small percentage of those people follow academic research into the topic. This is perhaps due to the statistics-heavy papers that result from studies into psi, which are, at best, a dry read, and at their worst almost incomprehensible to the lay reader.

So I was pleased to see the short interview below with Marilyn Schlitz, regarding academic research into ESP using the ‘Ganzfeld’ technique, and also describing her own experience with the ‘experiment effect’. Schlitz – a research scientist, medical anthropologist, and writer on the subjects of consciousness, healing, and consciousness-based healthcare, who is a former President and CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences – explains the topics clearly and in a friendly manner to interviewer Robert Lawrence Kuhn, of the excellent Closer to Truth series.

Parapsychology could do with more eloquent voices like Marilyn Schlitz to help spread the word about the fascinating research being undertaken around the globe to the general public.