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Mushrooms on the forest floor

Paul Stamets on JRE: The Magic Of Multidimensional Mushrooms

Paul Stamets is an American mycologist, and after listening to this MIND-BENDING episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, he’s going to become one of your favorite scientists in the world.

The range of topics covered during the interview are truly astounding: Starting on how mycelia networks could not only be sentient beings, but THE primordial life form in the Universe, continuing with the Stoned Ape hypothesis (“not a theory,” he corrects), how a uber-heroic ‘shroom trip’ (a term Stamets hates BTW) cured him of his stuttering affliction, the many other medicinal benefits of fungi–I need to get me some lion manes mushroom pills, yo!–, a scale-ten synchronicity with his would-be literary agent, and how he may very well end saving the entire human race by stopping the ominous bee colony collapse syndrome, which threatens to endanger many vital crops we humans sorely depend on –oh, and there was even a slight hint of a Portobello Conspiracy Stamets refused to get into, “for fear of his life” –What the fungi?!

To sum, this was a conversation that did not shy from boldly going to some pretty far-out places; which is only fitting, since Stamets was not only a consultant for the new Star Trek: Discovery series, but his participation was honored by the producers by naming one of the main characters after him.


[H/T Adam Loyal]

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