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Monster sharks attack submarine

Monsters of the Deep: Submarine Attacked by Giant Sharks at a Depth of 2500 Feet

How would you like to be trapped in a tin can at the bottom of the ocean with 6-metre-long sharks ramming you (note: not ‘six metre-long sharks’…but sharks that are 6 metres long!)? That’s what a BBC documentary team (for the David Attenborough-narrated Blue Planet II series) experienced when filming at a depth of 750 metres (2460 ft). After tracking a dead sperm whale that had floated onto the Atlantic Ocean seabed, the Blue Planet II submarine was shoved by some enormous sixgill sharks who saw it as a competitor for the rotting cetacean food source.

“They’re so big and strong, that I’m a little bit afraid,” says someone aboard the sub. Understandable!

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