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If you ever feel that the world is rolling down the wrong path, and we need to re-evaluate our knowledge and systems before things really go to hell, then I highly recommend a listen to the recent 2+ hour discussion between English comedian Russell Brand and podcasting supremo Joe Rogan embedded below.

Brand echoes a lot of my own recent thoughts about the positive changes we might effect by escaping from our current economic, political and social systems, as well as by transforming our own personal thinking (as Brand puts it, moving from ‘unconscious programs that work us, to working a conscious program’). Favourite Grail topics such as Graham Hancock’s research, shamanism and DMT pop up regularly during the chat as well (though the second half is perhaps dominated by too much talk of MMA for my liking, though it is still mostly in service of the main themes), so there’s plenty to enjoy.

There’s plenty of disagreement between Rogan and Brand, and listening in you’ll probably also find much to disagree with – but that’s all part and parcel of discussing the possibility of changing entrenched systems. Great food for thought!