News Briefs 19-10-2017

Me: “Lemme tell you something, boy! I remember back in the ole days when The Daily Grail was nothing but monochromatic text on a black background.”

Boy: “…Text?”

Thanks to Greg and all the Grail’s patrons –because now I can say goodbye to that painstaking HTML coding!

Quote of the Day:

If I shut my eyes, I can still feel the fire from those days. And if I open my eyes, I still see the fires all around me. I didn’t like the way the world was, and I believe that there need to be some changes about the way the world is.

John Carlos, African American athlete who raised his fist in protest during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico

  1. It’s 11:48pm on the east coast of the US, and I’m here on 10/18/17 reads 10/19/17 news briefs…what time skip have I entered?
    Hurricane: What more proof do we need that nature is f**ked up from climate change?
    Chimp: Great…you just had to cut onions at nearly midnight.
    Wine river: This whole thing keeps reminding me of the Death Cab for Cutie song Grapevine Fires

  2. RPJ, different look, same great news aggregation! But, I suspect Greg is now over qualified and will be getting lucrative offers to leave us for IT work.

    Greg, is there any way you can post the news page at the same URL every day so I can bookmark it separately. The home page looks fantastic, but I actually have no use for it. I would just go for the news and even if it were hosted on a stick (lol). Plus I can see the special features from the news page anyway.

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