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The Daily Grail – What’s in a Name?

What do you think of the name ‘Daily Grail’? I’ve cringed in recent years at the name association with the Daily Mail, with their regular posting of bigoted and sensationalistic stories. I also, for a long while now, have referred to the site simply as ‘The Grail’ when chatting with others, simply for brevity.

So with the site relaunch coming up, I’ve been wondering whether it might worth shortening the name, to just ‘The Grail’, or even simply ‘Grail’. There are reasons not to – e.g. many long-time readers identify good things with the name ‘Daily Grail’, and those shorter names aren’t available as website domain names. But I also have a feeling that shortening the name would also freshen up the name (not least by separating it from the Daily Mail association), and might be more attractive for new readers coming to the site.

But I’d like to hear readers thoughts – so here’s a Twitter poll I’m running to get people’s thoughts. Feel free to chime in!

  1. Well…….
    I’d prefer to stick with “The Daily Grail” as it’s a known quantity. Don’t spruce up the place with a makeover and then rename it. It works the way it is.

    Besides, I’d have to change my bookmark, and that sounds too much like actual work. 🙂

  2. Forthcoming name debate
    Greetings! As a long time reader, I just wanted to chime in on the merit of keeping The Daily Grail. Many worldly readers, while familiar with the Daily Mail, are not readers of it. I’m stateside, and have enjoyed the musings & content of this site for what seems like ages(Could it have been 1999-2000ish?).

    The name The Daily Grail summons up that bit of arcane knowledge, the search for wisdom in a sea of online drivel. The expression of thoughts on Fortean topics that don’t usually come up in casual conversation, yet tug at our collective curiosity.

    So there you have it, I’ve let you know. As more readers chime in, you’ll make the appropriate decision as suggested by the replies.

    Thank you for listening to our input

  3. I don’t have Twitter
    But I don’t mind either way. I have no problem with The Daily Grail or just Daily Grail. I think just calling it The Grail makes it seem more formal – however The Grail is already used by two groups if you Google it (not news but still would make us harder to find).

    Response to above comment: We are an alternative to the Daily Mail…an even crazier alternative with better stories and less ads (famous last words) 😉

  4. A Tale of Two Grails
    I have to admit that the term Grail is outdated. It seemed so much more hip in the 90’s. Maybe Greg could rededicate the site to Tool and call it “The Daily Wail” (lol).

  5. I had to look just now to see
    I had to look just now to see whether “the” was in the URL/domain name (it’s not). My bookmark label says “Daily Grail” without any ‘the’ and that’s how I think of it. Do keep it!

    Just don’t opt for GrailyMcGrailFace.

  6. name change?
    Also chime in to keep “Daily Grail” for the re-design. I recommend the site often and would hate to say “Daily Grail – oh wait! no, just Grail”.

    Though The Grail DOES sound more modern.

  7. No no no
    Bad idea Greg, the Grail denotes too much ancient superstitions, those that equate the Daily Grail with the daily mail should be welcomed, after all enlightenment is for all those that want to hear.

  8. Skewed Poll?
    Is there a way to vote in the poll without having a Twitter account? If not the poll might be a bit skewed and biased.

    Having been around since April 1st meant go read the Grail for a great laugh, I am in favor of keep the site called The Daily Grail, though my son and I will always call it the Grail.

  9. Name change
    Hi Greg et al,

    I’ve been with The Daily Grail since pretty early on and it’s a brand I associate with all those items of news I wouldn’t necessarily get to hear about from ‘normal’ news sites.

    To be completely honest, I’d NEVER even thought of the similarity between the name and The Daily Mail until you mentioned it Greg!

    Over the years you’ve built not just a great website, and a community of searchers, but an actual brand. Brands don’t just appear over night, so I’d be disinclined to change it lest the new name dilute the brand value that you’ve spent many years and much hard work building up.

    My vote, for what it’s worth, says leave it as it is.

    BTW – Greg – when are you planning on coming to England next? I’ve visited a number of ancient sites over the last few years (Glastonbury, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Tintagel), and EVERY TIME I’ve been to one, I’ve thought of you and how cool it would be to take you to visit some of these sites. If you ever plan on coming over, drop me a line. You’ll have a roof over your head, home-cooked meals (courtesy of Mrs Dr Xibalba, of course) and a willing taxi driver.

    Best regards from ol’ Blighty

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