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News Briefs 22-05-2017

And I for one welcome our new orb overlord…

Quote of the Day:

I’m looking California,
and feeling Minnesota.

Soundgarden, “Outshined

  1. in a jar
    The orangutan and the pickled head have that uncanny feeling about them. I have expected the head to start talking! That’s a damn good preservation.

  2. From the Didn’t-Woody-Allen-Already-Do-the-BallThing-Dept.
    Niiiice photo of consenting adults gettin it on
    Lovin this global telepathy network we have
    Where everyone is on display
    *waves to LL*

  3. I’m pleasantly surprised @
    I’m pleasantly surprised @ that Slate article
    Lots of meat in it

    That particular issue was also discussed in a podcast “Hi Phi Nation” by Barry Lam in his 2 parter “Hackademics I and II

    Scientists are seriously looking at how they do their craft. Even looking at if replication is necessary.

    Ps in regards to Psi…I think there is a…culture or BS or perhaps 2 of them one who goes Impossible!!! And another (of whicb i was only recently made aware I have swam through) of Science being dangerously ignorant

    Now perhaps Psi doesnt need any new things or processes…I can go Huzzah Humanity isnt it humbling that we can predict the behaviour of a lot of reality (like Sean Carrol says)…I am thinking of the success of mind machine interfaces…of Michael Persinger’s tal No Limits where among others he mentions that Psi doesnt work by strength but by Pattern shape topography…

    I say huzzah for the things that we can do
    And work through the problems that are and will present themselvez

    We have no need of other worlds. We need mirrors. We don’t know what to do with other worlds. A single world, our own, suffices us; but we can’t accept it for what it is.
    Stanislaw Lem

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