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Teenage Band Plays a Tool Song at a Fundraising Dinner, When Danny Carey Himself Offers to Sit In On Drums

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So you’re a teenage band playing a gig at a fund-raising dinner for your music academy, and you’ve got a Tool song in your set-list. Turns out Tool drummer Danny Carey is actually attending the dinner, and he asks to sit in on the song. What do you do?

Give the man some drumsticks of course!

That’s exactly what happened to these young musicians, of the band Reformed, while playing their last gig:

Finally got this full video up showing the entire band playing with Danny…this was not planned. He happened to be there for the fundraiser & was lovin’ watching the kids play…then he was told one of the songs in the setlist was a TOOL song, and he asked if they’d mind if he played along…great guy, amazing drummer & a fun evening!

Here’s another view:

Tool are currently touring around the U.S. – details can be found on their website.

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