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Person to person telepathy

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Says He is 99% Sure That ESP is Real

Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist Brian Josephson is one of the most high-profile academics to have voiced support for the ‘heretical’ science of parapsychology. So I was thrilled to see that the always excellent Closer to Truth had interviewed him about the topic, and uploaded some of the chat – titled “Is ESP a Window on a Larger Reality?” – to YouTube (embedded below).

If ESP can claim some kind of truth, the implications would be profound. The confirmation of any ESP, no matter how minor, would challenge the materialism-physicalism structure of the world, built over centuries by science. Reality itself would expand.

Closer to Truth also asked theoretical physicist Fred Alan Wolf, and psychologist/skeptic Bruce Hood, the same question – I’ve embedded their interviews below.

To download episodes and complete seasons of Closer To Truth, head over to their website where you’ll find information on each season, and links for purchasing. Some fantastic discussions in there!

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