The Golden Ratio Coloring Book by Steve Richards

The Golden Ratio Coloring Book

When I was looking for suitable artwork for the cover of Darklore Volume 8, I was lucky enough to serendipitously come across the amazing drawings of Steve Richards, aka the (poetically named) ‘Cosmic Joker‘. When I asked Steve about how he fell into drawing sacred geometry-themed artworks, he told me that the urge to make art hit him just seven years ago in 2010, though stopped shortly after, before returning in 2012, when “I immediately knew it was staying and it wasn’t going to just disappear”. Along with this urge came a “throbbing” in Steve’s forehead as well as tinnitus.

So for 6 months I just drew non stop bright vibrant pictures with colouring pencils…and then in Dec 2012 I picked up a fineliner [and] haven’t stopped since!

My life long passions regarding the nature of reality, consciousness, ancient Egypt, synchronicity, cycles and symbols are themes I’m trying to put into my Art and finding ways of including information too, where symbolic, coded or literal. Trying to make information beautifull springs to mind.

Steve now has more than just a book cover as part of his portfolio – he has an entire book! As part of the recent interest in colouring-as-a-form-of-meditation, Steve created the illustrations for the recently released book The Golden Ratio Coloring Book: And Other Mathematical Patterns Inspired by Nature and Art. If you’re into colouring, and you read this site, then it’s likely this book will be right up your alley with illustrations like this:

Platonic Consciousness

You can find out more about Steve/follow him on social media/buy his stuff via the following links: