News Briefs 20-02-2017

RIP to the funky drummer

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

We all live our entire life for the three, agonizing, last three minutes in which you are going to die. And you very fast realize – at a speed beyond anything we know – you realize what you did, and what you didn’t.

Guillermo del Toro

  1. The “Birth” of “Fake News”
    I could not believe my eyes, TDG running a story about a corpse factory story being the “birth of fake news.” For heavens sakes

    “What “fake news” is comparable to, on the other hand, is religion. Here’s why.

    Firstly, religion, like “fake news”, had both been proven to have a strong influence on politics. Those fear mongerers who have been issuing shrill warnings around the poisonous effect “fake news” has had on politics in America and the Philippines (blaming it on the ascent to power of Presidents Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte respectively) are right. Fake news poisoned the national discourses of these two “democracy” pinups. But the same can be said of religion and how strong an influence it had always been in the direction politics had taken through the centuries. The text underlying religion has yet to be proven true. But it had so far escaped the scrutiny of people who presume to apply “journalistic” criteria to their efforts to stamp out “fake news”.

    “That’s the laughable inconsistency of the untrained mind at work. Despite almost five centuries of scientific achievement since the Enlightenment, most people still think more with their brain stems and less with their cerebral cortices when evaluating information. Contrary to what modern-day philosophers in Silicon Valley (and the latte-sipping wannabes that infest Manila’s Starbucks cafes) tell us, social media did not make the average schmoe smarter. It just made stupidity more virulent and peddlers of unconditional belief more potent.

    1. Fake News, the 2nd Oldest Profession
      {laughs hysterically … sips on chocolatte}

      Yes, if you assume that all of human history is a scam, then you will be very close to the truth.

    2. Faux news
      [quote=emlong]I could not believe my eyes, TDG running a story about a corpse factory story being the “birth of fake news.” For heavens sakes.[/quote]

      It’s a fascinating story. Just because I might disagree with the framing of the headline doesn’t mean I’m not going to share it.

  2. Healing
    I ran into someone last summer who had been to ECETI Ranch and who claimed to have been “healed” by experience which included plenty of the craft sightings over the ranch and Mt. Hood. You could tell by talking to him that Gilliland ranch had thrilled him to his core.
    I later inquired from someone else who knew him better than I what he had meant exactly. Turns out he had been through a rough bout of colon cancer which had left him depressed and futile. The cancer had been technically defeated by the time I ran into him, but the depression had proved intractable until he had been to ECETI where he seemed to gain hope that higher intelligences might be looking out for us, or at least would be involved in restoring a planet torched by nuclear war. In a sense, he had been healed of a depressing vision and also received the gift of novelty which often “heals” as well, or at least distracts from the troubling.

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