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Space Archaeology Is a Thing, And You Can Do It From Your Computer Right Now

In August last year I posted some information about TED Prize winner Sarah Parcak, an archaeologist with a plan to create ‘Global Xplorer‘, a crowd-sourced science platform that would enable anyone with a web connection “to discover the next hidden tomb or potential looting pit using satellite technology”.

Fast forward 6 months, and Global Xplorer has now been officially launched – so you can join up and begin scanning satellite images right now, you space archaeologist you.

Sarah Parcak uses satellites orbiting hundreds of miles above Earth to uncover hidden ancient treasures buried beneath our feet. There’s a lot to discover; in the Egyptian Delta alone, Parcak estimates we’ve excavated less than a thousandth of one percent of what’s out there. Now, with the 2016 TED Prize and an infectious enthusiasm for archaeology, she’s developed an online platform called GlobalXplorer that enables anyone with an internet connection to discover unknown sites and protect what remains of our shared human inheritance.

The Global Xplorer site provides ‘tutorials’ on how to spot sites, and signs of looting, in satellite images, so even newbies are welcome – if you’re a fan of archaeology or history, get in there and have a play.

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