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Spirits of Place Signature Tip-In

Running Out of Copies of the ‘Spirits of Place’ Limited Edition Hardcover, Signed by Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair and Others

Just a quick heads-up that we are now basically down to our last box of the limited edition hardcover of Spirits of Place signed by a bunch of the contributors, including Alan Moore and Iain Sinclair (now that’s a handy pair of signatures to have in a book!). Above you can see an example of the signed insert, this one for copy #69 (of 100 in total).

To grab a copy of this collector’s edition for yourself, all you need to do is head over to our Shopify store. And remember, if you’re not looking for a collector’s/investor’s piece that will no doubt go up in value, but just want to read the thing, we also have both paperback and eBook editions available – just click through the relevant links on the Spirits of Place website!

Link: Spirits of Place Signed and Numbered Limited Edition on Shopify

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