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Why no love for Stranger Things, Golden Globes? Is it because we officially entered the Age of the Upside-Down?

  • Mr. T (ya know, the orange one) just let go all the people in charge of maintaining the US nuclear arsenal –Up.Side.Down amigos.
  • Queen Elizabeth’s long-lost skirt found on church altar in Herefordshire –a queen taking her skirt off in a church? Now THAT is a Netflix series I wanna watch!
  • Thanks to the magic of digital reconstruction, you can now loon into the eyes of the 9,500-year-old Jericho Man.
  • Mythological animal confirmed to be real –Nope, not that one.
  • Week in Weird’s Greg Newkirk offers a rather sacrilegous idea of why we’ll never find a Bigfoot body.
  • In space, no one can hear you have a total mental breakdown
  • Congrats on your 600 days in orbit with your super-secret robotic space plane, US Air Force. Care to tell us what the hell is doing up there, or do we wait for the Russians to break the news? .
  • Science concludes: Yes, there have been aliens.
  • My last appearance in Radio Misterioso consisted on Greg and I geeking out over The Arrival, musing about UFOs, Language, Time perception and a whole lot more.
  • Why Chomsky’s theories about language were challenged by an Amazonian tribe.
  • California’s famous ‘tunnel tree’ brought down by Trump tweet winter storm.
  • The New York Times offers some valuable advice on how to conquer your negative thinking –and NO, they DON’T include stop reading The New York Times…
  • The descendants of the 120,000 Japanese-American citizens who were incarcerated during WWII are still haunted by that injustice.
  • The mysterious vanishing of Ambrose Bierce.
  • Red Pill of the Day: Yes, there are actually people selling ‘vintage milk’ (read ‘spoiled’) online. Hey, if it worked with ‘subprime mortgages’ (read ‘$#itty’) amiright? It’s all in the labeling, baybeh!!

Thanks to Kat and the Demigorgon –hey, at least he was clear in his intentions!

Quote of the Day:

“We have Hope. Rebellions are built on Hope!”

~Jyn Erso, Rogue One