News Briefs 03-01-2017

You are about to enter another dimension

Thanks Ray.

Quote of the Day:

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  1. Happy News Year
    Dimension: LOL

    Zuckerberg: Like many young people, he was probably just saying he didn’t believe in God at a time because it was the “in” thing to do. Either way who cares. When you are a billionaire who alienated all of your friends, you can believe whatever you want.

    Amazon: Home of pie-in-the-sky hopes and treating our employees like garbage.

    1. I have to believe that drone
      I have to believe that drone delivery and blimp storage are not really taken seriously by Amazon upper management – this is just a form of sensationalist “futuristic” advertising. Never mind the legal liabilities of flying scads of drones around highly populated areas – the economics alone are against it unless they plan on only delivering very small items in small drones, and even then it is silly sounding. Even then the items will be dropped on the ground instead of in mail boxes or on porches? WTF? I can see a whole subculture of feral youth who specialize in following the whine of delivery drones around and then absconding with the loot laying there in home owner yards.

    1. Recycling
      Just when I thought Mysterious Universe couldn’t sink any lower with their recycled bullshit…

      The idea of Camulodunum being The Slack fort was, in my knowledge, introduced in Saklatvala’s 1967 Arthur: Roman Britain’s Last Champion. The actual Roman name remains unknown. Saklatvala thought that Slack’s “British” name was Camulodun, which he somehow concocted by assigning the Latin name to the site, based on Ptolemy’s Geography and the Ravenna Cosmography.

      The only problem here is that it was not the only Camulodunum in Britain. There is at least one in Essex as well. I feel compelled to ask, was London originally in Essex?


      And yeah, I still feel the need to point out that the primary rule of linguistics is that one does not derive meanings, or any kind of correlation, from synonyms or superficial phonetic likeness.

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