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Dean Radin Talks About Approaching Magic as a Scientist

In the talk above, given at the Science and Nonduality Conference, Dr Dean Radin discusses ‘magic’ as being the substrate that religion and science both grew from – despite both subsequently making it a heretical subject:

Humanity’s first grasp of reality was based on a magical worldview. Over millennia, magic evolved into a multitude of esoteric and religious ideas. Within the last five centuries our worldview has settled upon science as the arbiter of truth. Each of these major transitions has offered more comprehensive explanations of the natural world, but each new paradigm also suppressed useful elements of previous worldviews. Based on the historical record, as well as a growing body of new experimental studies, we can now gain a glimmering of what our next grasp of reality may look like, along with its pragmatic consequences.

Dean mentions that this entire subject is central to the new book he is currently working on – look forward to it!

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