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The Mystery of Marree Man

Marree Man‘, also known as ‘Stuart’s Giant’, is a massive geoglyph discovered in Australia in 1998. Standing two and a half miles ‘tall’ (4km) – with a total perimeter of 17 miles (28km) – it is the second largest geoglyph in the world. No ancient mystery here though: Marree Man is a modern creation. But the original creator and their motives remains unknown (though, as the clip above shows, there are some clear suspects).

Just to add to the weirdness:

When the site was discovered, several items were found in a small pit: what appeared to be a satellite photo of the figure, a jar containing a small flag of the US, and a note which referred to the Branch Davidians, a religious group infamous for being attacked in the Waco raid in 1993. These were the only other human artifacts found at the site when it was discovered, apart from some bamboo stakes that had been used to mark out the outline.

Nice to see our good friend Andrew Gough (of The Heretic) pop up for an instant in the clip as well!

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